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14 October 2013 @ 11:00 am
Everyone seems to be setting Halloween-themed things, and what could be more appropriate for a dark-themed community? What could be more cliche?

I'd like to see something different. From December 1st, I'd love to see a bunch of dark-themed Christmas entries. This can be anything, from fic right through to video. Will this Christmas be someone's last, or will there be another thing that makes it memorable for all the wrong reasons?

I will make a set of avatars for after the final day of posting- which will be the end of December, and will do an avatar, wallpaper, or signature, or something of the sort, to order (within reason) for the poster of the work that has the most impact, as voted by the readers/viewers.

So, make a post here to let me know that you're interested, and I'll see you on December 1st.

Just be sure to post entries for it under a tag of #Challenge 1
25 October 2012 @ 03:39 pm
Basic rules, really

For fiction be sure to post disclaimers, ratings, etc, and post under a cut.
For Images, if anything is explicit, then warnings and post under a cut.
Items must be relevant to dark Buffy-verse, as I want to establish this as a solid collection of the genre.
Recs are allowed, but if you're making a post of something that isn't your own work, then please make sure that you have asked for all relevant permissions.

Above all, have fun.

Also, if this works the way that I want it too, then I may look at running competitions and what-not later on.

So, welcome all, to the Season of the Knife!
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